Shipping & Logistics

Our shipping and logistics segment unites three logistics companies to offer a comprehensive range of shipping and transportation services across Europe. From free trade zone warehousing and ship agency services, to freight forwarding and last-mile package delivery, the team is able to tap into 100 years of experience in this sector to service any demands and provide tailored solutions.

Carmelo Caruana Company Ltd

Carmelo Caruana Company Ltd is a Mediterranean logistics provider focused on delivering excellence in free trade zone warehousing, ship and liner agency services, and ship-to-ship operations since 1923. Commencing as traders and evolving into agents and freight forwarders, the company today is primarily engaged and focused on Ship Agency, Ship-to-Ship Operations, Project Cargo, Oil and Gas Logistics and Free Trade Zone Warehousing.


Allcom specialises in freight forwarding services and warehousing, supporting customers in diverse sectors in Poland. From its offices at Gdynia and Gdansk ports on the south coast of the Baltic Sea, Warsaw and Bydgoszcz, Allcom’s team shares a wealth of expertise and connections to a robust global network of customs agencies. Allcom’s core business is door-to-door and port-to-door freight forwarding of containerised cargo, including food products, chemicals and construction materials. The company also provides customs clearance, project cargo and warehousing solutions.

Professional Courier Services

Professional Courier Services is the go-to partner for seamless, last-mile package delivery services for world-renowned courier companies. Its expertise lies in ensuring the efficient and timely delivery of packages and consignments, with service excellence at the heart of the operation.

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